About Us

We are a team of Business Transformation Experts, with global and diverse industry experience, who decided to take our passion for change a step further, forming “Change Et Al.” We believe that for any change to be successful, the combined levers of People, Process & Culture need to work in tandem for effective transformation and this is what sets us apart! We engage in a range, from focused improvement to enterprise-wide transformation, across the depth and breadth; involving multiple dimensions.

If you share our passion and believe in the combined power of People, Process & Culture to transform organizations, we will be delighted to partner with you and will strive to make your journey enjoyable and successful.

Our Values

Customer Centricity

Our customers mean a lot to us. We will do everything to make them successful.


We believe in treating everyone with respect and expect to be treated the same way. We acknowledge our diversity.


We will acknowledge and assume responsibility for our actions, decisions, and policies. This is applicable to us internally and towards our customers.

No compromise on Integrity

We will be ethical, transparent and fair in everything we do.

Growth through Learning

We are in the business of knowledge. Our own growth depends on continuously learning and improving our capability.


Each and every touch point with customers, society and employees should reflect excellence. This includes our verbal, written and social interactions.