10 signs your HR career is about to Skyrocket !

Be honest to yourself and look at these traits below if you are ready to ignite your HR career and take it to next level.

1. You are technology savvy. You are comfortable using digitized solutions, Apps and you don’t need to call others for self service tools in your organization. Whatever stage of career you are in, if someone else needs to do your powerpoint, submit your T&L in your online tool or approve workflows, you must think about learning these immediately.

2. You are comfortable with HR Data analytics. You can create, interpret and present HR data in a manner that your leaders can make business decisions using it. I am not talking about headcount and attrition data, I am talking about trends, demography, cost and data correlation here.

3. You are managing your calendar NOT your calendar managing you. If you don’t have time to meet others but are sitting in calls and meetings the entire day, rethink your strategy. Keep buffer time of an hour or so every day so you can deal with exigencies and meet people who want to see you.

4. You can call yourself the enabler of Culture and you demonstrate that by walking the talk. HR needs to transition from a custodian of policies to custodian of culture. Think about the difference and think about your transition to this new avatar.

“HR needs to transition from custodian of policies to custodian of culture”
5. You have spent time in at least 2 specialized HR roles. These roles include Talent Acquisition, C&B, HRIS, Workforce planning etc. I think HRBP roles are most misunderstood role in recent past. These are difficult roles requiring immense influencing, enabling and conflict resolution capability. But hiding behind a HRBP role and not learning new and specialized skills can make you irrelevant very fast.

“HRBP roles are most misunderstood role in recent past. These are difficult roles requiring immense influencing, enabling and conflict resolution capability.”
6. You are comfortable with ambiguity and don’t need a job description to tell you everything so you can follow. The world has become more unpredictable and your ability to deal with ambiguity will take you a long way.

7. You can make a presentation without power point slides at a short notice. Story telling, presenting without a script and your ability to articulate your point of view is a skill which is relevant in any sphere of life.

8. You are quick to identify a poor HR process and will normally suggest and explore a solution. Continuous improvement mindset and building culture of excellence is what sets you apart from your peers. Use it in a manner that organization and teams can benefit.

9. You have managed to make good friends with your global counterparts without having met in person even once. Career in large organization thrive on networking. recommendations and referrals work the same way as it works outside. your interaction skills in virtual world will help you a lot in getting ahead.

10. Your employees find it comfortable to come and talk to you about their career and seek advise. Yes, don’t forget you are a HR professional enabling people in the organization. They need to find it comfortable coming forward and speaking with you.

If you are doing all the above, it is obvious that you are delivering and executing with ease. The new age HR will require very different skills to be successful and hope you are ready for that. Wishing you the very best!