CEO Checklist for 2016

This year is going to be different and Change will again be on everyone’s agenda. How ready are you and your organization for new year ? Lets look at 5 imperatives which must be on your agenda as an organization for 2016.

Speed and Agility. It does not matter what size your organization is. Certainly smaller companies can react faster and larger companies may have the tendency to struggle. If speed and agility is not on your agenda for 2016, you are missing something huge. Speed and agility is the way your organization functions. Put this on your priority list, find out how companies have used concepts like Lean Startup to bring in speed and agility in the organization.

“We will see more and more firms on path of success simply due to their speed and agility”

Analytics Focus : We have all heard enough about it. This is the reality now. Almost each and every function is now looking at Analytics to start moving from post mortem to predictive analysis using their data. No, this is not only for new age organizations. Even if you are a SME or manufacturing organization, there is a lot you can do. Make a humble start by putting the right practices in place.

HR Role will change to Culture and this is music to my ears. With more and more centre of excellence and shared services building up in HR, roles are clearly shifting. HR is now “Experts” in the background and “Culture Leaders” in front. The role of HR partner is now that of Culture custodian making the entire leadership walk the talk and putting all best practices in place to build the right organization culture.

“HR function will go through the biggest transformation adapting Analytics and Culture Transformation as key goals in 2016”

Cross functional collaboration. Organization structures have become complex and employees do not need managers any more. They need coaches who will help them perform and excel. Working in a matrix structure, moving from one team to other multiple times and changing multiple roles during the year is new reality. How are you getting ready to equip your team to remain ahead and continue to contribute ?

“Working in a matrix organization is a new competency. Don’t take it for granted and leverage matrix structure to get the best out of it.”

Innovation. I have been very closely watching some of the new age companies and how innovation has become the anchor for their success. Your products, CRM, communication, internal processes everything is open for a review and upgrade. A research says that Mobile phones will impact $1Trillion worth of sales in USA alone.

“Think about how your team can innovate, communicate, simplify and self serve using mobile phones.”

Exciting times indeed friends. I can’t wait to work with my clients this year influencing, navigating and creating new culture, new processes and high performing teams. Wishing you happy holidays and a great year ahead.