Change Et Al. partners with Challengera

Change Et Al. of Singapore and Challengera of Sweden entered into a strategic partnership to leverage and market change management products created by Challengera. Challengera has created a tool which helps in employee engagement through collaborative exchange of information, hacks and gamification. Challengera is a Sweden based change solutions company and has the experience of working with many global corporations including most of the Fortune20 companies. Change Et Al. is a Singapore based change management company and works with corporates supporting them on a wide range of change management programs.

As part of this alliance, Change Et Al. will use Challengera’s product to further accelerate change management programs with its clients, while making it available to other clients who have similar needs and want to expedite change management and collaboration within their organizations. Arnaud Henneville, CEO of Challengera said “Asia is an important market and a very strategic one for Challengera. This is the beginning of change management revolution in Asia. We are very excited about this partnership and we are looking forward to work with many more clients through Change Et Al. in changing faster.” Karunesh Prasad, CEO of Change Et Al. said, “This is like a great software and hardware coming together to provide excellent experience to the users. Our customers will love this.”