Change Management Upside Down

Leadership buy-in is considered to be the first principle of Change management. Does it hold good today ?

In the world of social media and many other tools available in the hands of employees, we are seeing more and more organizations or even countries going through massive change upside down. No doubt leadership buy-in helps, but one of the biggest challenge CEOs face today is buy-in and penetration of change initiatives across the organization.

“Most transformational changes are upside down. They are led by people not a few executives in the boardroom.”

So if you are a CEO or HR leader of a company and truly looking for changing the way your organization works, try change upside down. The power of people once unleashed can actually accelerate and make your change journey successful.

Just think about how you are using Employee Satisfaction Surveys in your organization. I sometime feel sad and pity leaders and HRMs watching them go through the motion of completing employee satisfaction survey cycle. Dull, impersonal and routine is what I would call it in most cases. Turn it upside down, make it brutal, honest and transparent. Publish reports within your organization freely. Let people decide what actions are required and empower them to make those changes. Don’t use it to crucify managers but look out for real change opportunities and get the revolution started.

“Did you get a manual for Facebook and LinkedIn ? Why you need that for your ERP systems ?”

Stop lengthy training for ERP roll outs with screenshots and drop down menu. Let employees take charge of that through your internal social media. You should focus on creating the infrastructure, environment and culture where self help and social help through change agents becomes easy. You will see most of your bottlenecks opening up.

“Focus on creating right infrastructure for interaction among employees, transparency and open dialogue.   Your success rate will be far higher.”

At Change Et Al, we use a social media tool created by our partner and friends at Challengera. To me Challengera  is a great tool to facilitate Change upside down. When I looked at the tool, I knew instantly that this was a great solution for one of the toughest challenge CEOs and business leaders face today, which is penetration of change in the organization.

While we need to use caution in how to manage this but, ever thought about Glassdoor kind of model within the organization ? What if employees were to rate their leaders based on organization values, turning your 360 degree and annual performance review upside down ?

Check out the Challengera tool.

Would love to hear your thoughts on how you have managed change upside down.

About the Author

Karunesh is Founder and CEO of Change Et Al. Karunesh works with a range of companies helping transform businesses, driving change initiatives, M&A and HR transformation. Karunesh is also a trainer, facilitator, coach and speaker. Change Et Al. team consists of HR, Lean Six Sigma, Technology, Communication and M&A experts spread across India, SEA, Middle East and the firm is headquartered in Singapore. Karunesh is also a coach and trainer for Lean Startup and works with many corporates helping them apply Lean Startup for culture and business transformation.