Five reasons to adapt Lean Startup in your large organization

You are a large corporation. You have presence in all geographies; multiple products and you have grown continuously over last many years. Is Lean Start up for you ?

Well, many of my friends still believe that Eric Ries has been talking about Lean Startup because, Silicon Valley is full of new entrepreneurs and new startups and starting lean is good for them, good for their survival. Actually there is much more. Meaning of Startup here is “an institution designed to create a product or service under extreme uncertainly”. So think about it :

  • Do you have uncertainly in your organization ?
  • Are you creating new products ?
  • Are you creating new processes ?

If you are doing any of these above, Lean Start up is for you. Large companies including Intuit, GE, US Government, Toyota have applied Lean start up principles. Some have applied these principles for creating new products and reducing the time to market and many have used Lean start up concepts to simplify and create new processes in the organization with much higher speed.

Top five reasons for you to apply Lean Startup :

1. Most obvious, your organization is creating new products or reaching new markets. Reduce the cycle time, seek customer feedback faster and reduce waste.

2. You are working on new processes and want to make sure you deploy a customer validated process for better deployment. Don’t look for a perfect processes. Look for continuous feedback and validation.

3. You are part of a large organization and need to bring in speed and agility in to your organization. Your five year projection may not take you far, but speed to adapt in this uncertain world certainly will take you far.

4. You don’t want to spend too much money but keen to promote innovation in your organization.

5. And finally my favourite …. You are about to deploy your new digital solution but very concerned about its success and adaption.

About the Author

Karunesh is Founder and CEO of Change Et Al. Karunesh works with a range of companies helping transform businesses, driving change initiatives, M&A and HR transformation. Karunesh is also a trainer, facilitator, coach and speaker. Change Et Al. team consists of HR, Lean Six Sigma, Technology, Communication and M&A experts spread across India, SEA, Middle East and the firm is headquartered in Singapore. Karunesh is also a coach and trainer for Lean Startup and works with many corporates helping them apply Lean Startup for culture and business transformation.