I hate our HR Manager !

Recently I was sitting with few of my HR friends, many of whom had spent time outside HR in other functions during their career. We all felt very fortunate to have spent time in other functions but had some negative experiences with our respective HR Managers making us say, “This was a learning and we will never do this if we were to get back to HR again.”

We end up seeing very different perception of HR function in the eyes of employees and managers alike. On one hand, this function is transforming in a huge way, having the biggest possibility to contribute and transform the way organizations function. On the other hand, we see significant gap in reputation and perception of HR.

There could be different reasons for this, but my top 5 reasons why employees hate their HR Managers are as follows :

The king maker syndrome: Being involved in performance management process, talent & succession planning sometimes gives a false feeling of being the king maker. This feeling makes some of us behave in a manner as if we are doing a favor to this great talent by giving him/her an opportunity.

Lacks Employee advocacy but is all out to please The Boss:  HR is for all the human resources, not restricted to only the CEO and the business leaders. Finding the right balance; to spend time with employees is important. An employee having lunch with his/her HR manager should never be a sign of an upcoming event in an employee’s career.

Can I trust this HRM ?  Trust is a big factor for any employee while sharing a personal situation, dilemma of the career, office romance, difficult manager relationship and many other sensitive situations. Time and again employees have felt betrayed after sharing information with their HR Managers who used it against them. On the other hand, we have all seen extremely successful HRs with whom you can share sensitive personal situations and get extraordinary guidance.

Managers don’t take a stance and blame it on HR :  There are a lot of managers who do not have the courage to confront a difficult employee and provide correct feedback. At the time of appraisals, increase, bonus, stock options, they find it easy to blame it on HR.

Employees don’t like HR Manager’s answers :  Sometimes when you tell an employee why he/she can’t be promoted or given the role that he/she has been eyeing upon because of moving to a different location due to personal reasons, the answers become those of the HR Manager and lack the organization’s viewpoint. While communication style plays a big role too, being a spokesperson is not easy.

Do share the experiences you have had with your HR Managers with us. I would love to hear both the positive ones and things that you would never want to do if you went on to an HR role.

About the author
Karunesh is Founder and CEO of Change Et Al. Karunesh works with a range of companies helping transform businesses, driving change initiatives, M&A and HR transformation. Karunesh is also a trainer, facilitator and speaker. Change Et Al. team consists of HR, Lean Six Sigma, Technology, Communication and M&A experts spread across India, SEA, Middle East and the firm is headquartered in Singapore.