Digitization for Improved Productivity

Digitization for improved Productivity for leading bank

Crossing the Chasm

Building multi channel business strategy for a major insurance firm impacting in 100% roll throughput yield increase

Creating Value from Waste

Creating Value from waste by delivering benefits of more than USD 75K to an automotive OEM SME

Building International Consultancy Arm

Building international consultancy arm for a leading government development banking institution

Automation Strategy

Integrated over 200 processes across 25 departments for a Leading Educational Institution

Increased Profitability

USD 750K of benefit realization on spend base of USD 3.2 Mn

Supply Chain Makeover

65% reductions in inventory value over a year

Sketching Global Business

Sketching a Global business for a leading Government Financial Institution.

Revamped Performance

Eliminating unauthorized trades at a broking major

Reduced Operating Expenses

Reduced operating expenses for a Leading pharmaceutical manufacturer

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