Redefining Operations

Improved global performance through transformed procurement processes

Profitable Footprint

Delivered USD 350K positive impact on profitability for an automotive SME

Profitability Reimagined

Utilizing business analytic for reshaping the supply chain of an auto component SME

Productivity Redesigning

Improving productivity and delivering quantifiable results for a leading oil and gas service provider

Process Makeover

Process Optimization across functions and geographies

New Market Development

Incubating a new vertical for a leading development bank

Lead Conversion Efficiency

Improving online lead conversion of a major broking firm

Increased Competitiveness

50% Reduction in turn around time of various support functions for a leading insurance firm

Improving Productivity

Positively impacting labor productivity and realizing benefits of ~USD 66K for a SME

Improved Global Competitiveness

~111 Mn USD of enhanced revenue potential for an Oil and Gas component manufacturer and service provider

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