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Talent Management

An organization's biggest competitive advantage is its employees. The last few years have seen tremendous shifts in supply and demand for talent in almost all industries. Therefore, aligning your people strategy with growth strategy could never have been more important. It is not only about hiring the right talent but also linking their growth and competencies with the organization's growth.

Talk to us about aligning your people strategy with business strategy. We can support you through innovative talent solutions, infrastructure and ready to deploy technologies.

Employee Engagement

We all know that an engaged employee delivers much better results. But the challenge is in keeping the employee engaged. Multiple generations working together, individual preferences, work life balance, diversity can add many complex dimensions when it comes to planning and implementing employee engagement solutions.

Talk to us about customized solutions on employee engagement suited to your industry, your business, your culture and your people. We will not just make recommendations, we will make it happen for you.

Order to Cash

It is not only about on-time delivery, order to cash or cycle time reduction. It is about People, Process and Culture together. Most organizations continue to suffer with quality of bid, changing specifications, sourcing issues, project execution and eventually converting order to cash.

Talk to us about combining the power of People, Process and Culture to improve your bottom line.

Lean Startup

New startups are using this influential model for customer feedback during the development phase and thus reducing the time to market products. Large organizations use it for agility and speed thereby creating an entrepreneurial culture.

How are you planning to use this?

Working in a Matrix Organization

Regional, functional and P&L reporting lines are complicated enough. Throw in sub P&Ls and people do not know who decides their fate.

Most of the global corporations have evolved from straight line to solid / dotted line reporting and now to multi-dimension matrix organization structures. While the structure has huge beneïfits, employees at all levels struggle to make this transition.

Do not struggle any more, embrace and benefit from the full potential of this dynamic structure.

Culture Integration during Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A)

We bring unique experience on helping organizations align their culture, thus making the merger a success.Talk to us about building a winning culture for your organization.